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'Whats Happened' Oil painting portrait by professional Artist Stewart Beckett

'Whats Happened' Oil painting portrait


Oil painting portrait,"What's Happened" is a thought-provoking artwork that captures the attention of every viewer. The oil painting depicts three figures, perhaps acquaintances, and one of them is seen talking on the phone with a worried look on her face. The onlookers surrounding them seem curious and somewhat concerned, making the spectator wonder what has happened. The lively and colourful palette used by the artist creates a visually appealing and vibrant atmosphere that adds to the intrigue of the scene. It is a unique piece of art, painted on fine linen canvas stretched on a wooden panel, and comes signed by the artist, Stewart Beckett. The artwork is sold framed, and the purchaser can discuss their choices with the artist to ensure the piece's perfect presentation.


Dimensions: 56cm x 78cm unframed

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